Yeah, I will never understand why they didn't sell the Cruze hatch in the US. The market for 5-doors has been growing rapidly and its main crosstown rival comes in 2 bodies. Such a missed opportunity.

Also, since Chevy's leaving the EU, the Cruze hatch will only be available in Australasia. It was actually designed by… » 12/14/14 11:55am Sunday 11:55am

In the Crosshairs (Trivia Question Answered)

Dodge's "crosshair" grille inserts have been a fixture of car styling for decades now. They've come in many forms and have been applied to everything from the smallest cars to the biggest trucks sold in Dodge dealerships. Today, everything from the Dart and Challenger to the Caravan and ProMaster carry the crosshairs… » 12/12/14 9:52pm 12/12/14 9:52pm