I always thought it was odd how British cars of the '50s looked like they belonged in the late 1930s. Whether it's this Triumph, or the Jaguar Marks, or the Rollers of the day. The Ford Popular. Etc. And when Britain did finally leap into the '50s in car design, a lot of those models wound up running into the late… » 10/19/14 12:20am Sunday 12:20am

He wasn't the father of a suspension. He was the father of the horrendous overall shitbox that was the Mustang II. Hot rodders using its suspension matters very little, since the II was the slowest Ford you could buy in America at the time. And it wore the Mustang badge. » 10/15/14 4:29pm 10/15/14 4:29pm

Uh, you do realize that 40% of the Japanese car market is Kei cars? And they exist only because they are taxed and have fewer safety regulations than standard cars? Only 1/3rd of those buyers would consider moving up to a standard car if the incentives toward Keis went away. The remaining 2/3rs wouldn't buy a car at… » 10/06/14 3:12pm 10/06/14 3:12pm