SAAB isn't cursed, unless you call being a small, cash-strapped, low-volume company having to compete in an increasingly complex market "cursed."

Think about it. SAAB was pumping out the 96 until 1980, still using a platform that had debuted in 1949. Tailfins went out of style by 1962, but you could still buy a SAAB 95… » 8/19/14 11:45am Tuesday 11:45am

Part of the problem with the Prowler and its V6 were that none of Chrysler's V8s at the time (i.e., the 5.2 and 5.9L Magnums) would fit in that narrow triangular engine bay. The V6 barely fit.

They did extensive modifications to some show cars in 1999/2000 and fit the new-for-'99 4.7L V8 in. But because the Prowler was… » 8/14/14 1:50pm 8/14/14 1:50pm